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EURO-VENT offers clean air and a good working environment to the industrial sector.

With their combined industrial experience of 25 years, Erling Kudsk Jensen and Paul Sandal Nissen can help meet the market’s need for extraction and filtration in connection with polluting work processes, room ventilation and replacement air as well as related tasks for improving the working environment and external environment, including energy-saving measures.
Our main customer groups are the iron industry, the metal and mechanical industries, the plastics processing industry, the electronics industry and the food industry.

EURO-VENT wants to be known as a creative partner whose know-how and quality components create a better working environment in both existing and new rooms. Optimum air extraction and filtration not only provide a better working environment; the right ventilation solution also saves the company money via reduced energy consumption.

EURO-VENT ApS has a wide range of products for removal of contaminated process air and ventilation of industrial facilities.

In addition to swing arms with gas dampers, we supply:

  • Fans
  • Filters
  • Low-energy dampers
  • Alarms and automated start-up systems
  • Cartridge filters with compressed-air cleaning
  • Grinding panelsfor dust removal and belt grinders
  • Oil mist separators
  • Replacement air units with heat recovery
  • Cutting tables with modular extraction
  • Coarse separators

You decide whether you want us to provide a total solution or whether you just need our assistance in a few selected areas.

Contact EURO-VENT Industriventilation today to discuss the optimum solution to help you achieve a significantly improved working environment and save money at the same time by cutting energy consumption.

Contact us

Højager 93
8382 Hinnerup

Tlf. +45 8736 2460
Fax. +45 8736 2465

Mail. mail@euro-vent.dk

Exhaust arms

Euro-vent produces the exhaust arm Environ 5000.
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